Ofer Reshef

Workshops, lectures and training

Exclusive Training and Counseling Services

Interaction with the audience

the workshops combine discussions, extensive practice, and a high level of involvement of all the participants throughout the entire learning process.

"Custom design"

thorough planning of work, in order to adjust the learning to the organization, the team's profile, and the needs of the individual participants.


great emphasis is placed on personal experience, tactics and practical tools to be implemented immediately after the workshop. The exercises simulate the participants' actual work experiences.

Professional diversity

diverse and professional learning tools are integrated into the workshops and adjusted for each workshop and group. These tools include questionnaires, simulation games, analysis (some are followed by closed-circuit television and involve personal feedback). Professional training films are also used to illustrate situations and sharpen messages (alongside background material and personal worksheets) .


All workshop themes can also be delivered as lectures having an interactive nature (in accordance with the desired nature of the lecture).

Leads management development

processes alongside the object-oriented workshops. All workshops, lectures, and consultantions are also available in English.

About me

Leading workshop facilitator, lecturer counsel and senior trainer having an experience of nearly 30 years in instruction, facilitating, counseling and personal training. Holds an M.A degree in Public Policy and Management, from Tel Aviv University.
Specialty fields: management and development of managers, sales, negotiations, service presentation and inter personal communication. Ofer specializes in accompaniment of a complete process including facilitating, initiation and personal training of managers, marketing and sales personnel, etc.
Ofer brings rich managerial experience in the framework of senior roles in which capacity he served whether in the private and the public sectors (inter alia as manager of the instruction centers of the “Israel Standards Institute” and the “Yozmot College”, Deputy Mayor of the Rosh HaAyin Municipality and Chairperson of the Planning and Engineering Department, etc.).
In the course of his many years of working as an instructor, counsel and trainer he provided counseling and training services for the leading companies in Israel. Ofer also has reach experience of lecturing in conventions, study days and diverse forums.

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