Recommendations and Feedback

Workshops for Presentation – Verint

“I had worked with Ofer Reshef as an instructor and trainer of Presentation Skills Course. Ofer is truly a remarkable presenter and brought the best in every employee. Ofer is professional in his area (mostly sales) and my work experience with him was impeccable.”

Karin Kranenburg
Training Manager

Workshops and Instruction at the Coca Cola Company

We were very satisfied with Ofer’s work. Ofer’s work was comprehensive, fascinating, interesting. His engagement of the audience during the training was very good. His confidence, ambition, knowledge and the contact he established with the people turned the days into something more experiential and fun. We got many good feedbacks from the participants about his work, about Ofer as a lecturer. They felt they had learnt a lot during these days and enjoyed the learning. Thanks! Keren Zoarets

MARCOM Manager
Coca Cola

Workshops at Unilever

Ofer Reshef provided and still provides support to Univeler in several areas, such as service, sales, ongoing effective presentation. All this is done with professionalism, openness and in pleasant and impressive ways. I have no doubt that Ofer will also continue to work with us in the future. I strongly recommend him!!!

Inbal Martinez
Instruction Manager Unilever Israel

Workshops on Communication and Conflict Resolution

Suppliers Accounting – Unilever

As the manager of the suppliers accounting department at Unilever, I invited Ofer to perform two workshops in the department (two years apart from one another). The first was a communication workshop and the second was a conflict resolution workshop. I wish to express my admiration for Ofer on the effort he devoted in preparing these courses, in full accord with the requirements of the departments and understanding of the processes that took place there. The course was delivered in a highly professional manner with concrete examples and much professional knowledge that can be implemented, providing us with the tools to work as a department in our everyday, professional lives. The ability to deliver the material and paying attention to the smallest detail is worthy to note, as repeating the background issues, refinement of existing knowledge, and drawing the full attention of the participants throughout the course. Apart from this, and not less important, the work with Ofer is pleasant, and gives the feeling of full cooperation and enjoyment.

Keren Berko
Manager of Suppliers Accounting Department
Unilever Israel

Workshops for Presentation and the Preparation of Lecturers for Microsoft Conferences

I hired Ofer to train speakers for the largest Microsoft events in Israel. Ofer delivered Presentation Skills workshop and worked 1:1 with those speakers, in order for them to bridge the gap between technical gurus to masters in presentations. They all showed great results before large audience, and provided excellent feedback about Ofer. We have worked with Ofer several times afterward, keeping a strong relationship that offers great results. I would recommend Ofer as a trainer with no doubt.

Guy Burstein
Developer Evangelist

Sales Workshop for the Management and Senior Sales Managers at Magic Israel

I had the pleasure in meeting Ofer and recruiting him to coach and give our Israeli branch a sales and marketing skills training. I had done a similar project for our company globally, and Ofer was the perfect fit for the local branch. He is an invaluable trainer, gains the trust of the sales and marketing personnel from the first moment, brings value, and most of all, he himself has been a sales person for quite a few years. This is an important element when trying to gain the trust of sales/marketing staff – a crucial element for the success of such a training. I highly recommend Ofer for any business or organization that is seeking to learn consultative sales skills to improve performance and results.
Arita Mattsoff
VP Marketing
Magic Software

Work with the Renuar Company

I met Ofer Reshef at one of the workshops in which I participated. Besides his professionalism, I was impressed by the charisma and credibility that he radiated. I had no doubt about taking him to work with me as an external moderator to implement the procedures of my organization. Indeed, Ofer amazed me all along the way by his immense patience, attentiveness, understanding of requirements and adaptation of the contents, and above all, his fascinating presentation ability. He captivates the participants’ attention, leading to internalization of the material, making it an empowering and exciting experience. For me, Ofer is a real professional, a charming man with whom it is fun to work and in particular, a partner in all my professional process from consultations to the results. I strongly recommend him from the bottom of my heart.

Shira Oron
Instruction/training manager

Effective Presentation

Ofer has the energies to take the audience to the next level of performance through self exploration. He utilizes his proximity and familiarity with the public and private sector to provide a path to success. He provides practical small tricks for great PPT.

Dan Slonim
Intel, Fab 28 Controller

888 Random Logic Workshops

It is my pleasure to recommend Ofer Reshef. His work as workshops facilitator and personal coach at Reshef Training & Consulting is characterized by professionalism, high quality and result driven. Ofer has very good interpersonal skills and he is very much appreciated by his executive clients.I recommend Ofer any time without hesitation and would gladly answer any request for further information.

Sharon Cohen
Training Manager, 888 Random Logic

Private Coaching and Instruction

I am pleased to write in support of Ofer as a coach in organizations. Ofer provides extensive knowledge and leadership to group training in various business environments. I am confident that he will assist organizations by creating added value in organizational learning processes.

Sincerely, Gillie Gabay
Student , Portland State University

Presentation Workshops at Partner (Orange) Communications

Ofer conducted dozens of workshops at Partner on the subject of winning presenting and presentation. The reactions that we received are amazing. Ofer is a man of great stature, a highly professional person, who runs his lectures perfectly. In short, he is highly recommended and I would say even a must for managers at every level and for people who deal in the field.

Erez Hadar
Engineer, Partner communications

Presentation Workshop – Partner (Orange) Communications

I attended Ofer’s Presentation skills workshop. Ofer is a highly professional instructor and workshop facilitator. Ofer really helped me improve my presentation skills and significantly contributed to my career. I highly recommend Ofer. If you want the best results -Ofer is your man!

Yaakov Israel Netanyahu
Department Manager, Projects Development, Orange IL


Presentation Workshops for Product managers, Team Managers and Propagandists of Drug Companies

This is the fifth year we have worked with Ofer as a trainer for our employees on effective presentation skills. We have received excellent feedback from the participants (mid-level managers and sales reps), specifically in regards to the quality of the trainings content and Ofer’s facilitation, the effectiveness of the training on their job and their overall satisfaction from Ofer as a trainer. I can fully recommend Ofer for future clients.

Ella Shechtman
Head of HR, Sanofi-Aventis Israel

Sale and Presentation Workshop

I have known Ofer for over 20 years now as he was my first squad commander in the military service. Ofer’s charisma, leadership skills and approach to people has enabled him already then to gain him trust and total devotion beyond the military service. These qualities also make Ofer a great workshop facilitator. In addition, Ofer has a natural gift for presentations and his experience are of great value. Ofer has provided sales training and presentation training to 2 different organizations I was working for and in both his work has been highly regarded.

Ran Lev
Director Project Management at Telmap

Presentation Workshops

Ofer has trained employees on presentation skills both in my current company and in previous companies. The training felt to be relevant and effective, using simulations as well as theoretical background. Participants were highly satisfied with Ofer, and I certainly recommend him, knowing it will be a success.

Maya Baum
Training Manager, Telmap

ComAbility – Presentation Workshop at Start-Up Company

Ofer is a consummate training professional in his field. At ComAbility he took the ability of the customer facing team several steps forward by providing an intensive presentation training with the highest of standards. The team was composed of people with very different backgrounds, with experienced salespeople as well as first timers, but nevertheless everyone felt he/she learned from the training. I would recommend Ofer for any such training in the future also because of his charming approach and good nature, it was a real pleasure spending this time with him and a negotiator from

Daniel Sarfati
VP Sales at ComAbility

Presentation Workshop on the Track of the Entrepreneurs of Go-Million

Everybody knows that in order to be successful in business, it is necessary to deliver an exteremly effective presentation, besides good ideas. Ofer knows how to do it. There is a real theory behind it. In order to make the best impression, everything is important. The way of walking, talking, moving hands, voice intonation, starting and ending of a talk and much more. Ofer shows professionalism in all of these subjects. Besides being an excellent lecturer, Ofer is a wonderful coach too. I had a pleasure to participate in Ofer’s presentation training lecture and I highly recommend Ofer to everybody who wants that his presentation will be the best of the best.

Dima Cheskis
Postdoctoral fellow, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Management Development Courses for Traffic Teams – Egged Northern Area

Mr. Ofer Reshef
Reshef Consulting and Instruction
Dear Sir,
Re.: Recognition and recommendation on the instruction of courses in management development for Egged traffic area teams, Northern area

The management of Egged northern area decided to carry out an integrated course in the field of training for the development of quality management and service in the area. The central layer was the course of management development for the traffic teams. In this framework, three groups of about 20 mangers in each group, simultaneously underwent a course of 8 meetings for each group, including practical final work, in a comprehensive process of half a year, during the months of November 2009 until April 2010. The course included topics such as perception of the role of the manager, leadership and motivation, service and effective interpersonal communication, teamwork, provision of feedback, managing time and tasks, and more. The instruction sessions were focused on results through the immediate transfer of knowledge acquired to be implemented in the area. Simulations were performed, and ways of working were displayed in each group and discussion session. It was already clear to see the overall change in organizational culture change in the Northern area during the course. The managers developed role perception, including a high sense of responsibility, leadership and service, and the quality of leadership and the managing capabilities of the managers improved dramatically. The teamwork between and within the branches exhibited cooperation and mutual assistance, a common managerial and service language was created between the personnel, the satisfaction of the customers, both internal and external, rose significantly and the quality of the work and the output of each manager also increased considerably. For this, we extend our thanks and our sincere appreciation for achieving the objectives of the course and exceeding our expectations. Ofer Reshef, as the one who formulated the contents, managed and delivered the course, knew how to decipher the mental stagnation of everyone and with much modesty and professionalism took the entire group to new and modern horizons in their perception of the role. I strongly recommend Ofer Reshef to every organization which desires to change and open up the avenue of management and anyone who is interested in departing from old habits and to discover willingness and openness to the world of modern management.

Yours sincerely,
Shimon Goldberg
Manager Northern Area

Instruction in Sales, Management Development, and Presentation

Following two successful instructions, I would like to strongly recommend Ofer Reshef for instruction in sales, management development, and presentation. Ofer delivers the material in a clear manner, in small and large groups (I heard he also works in a one to one basis with managers). He is full of energy, creative, fascinating, and shrewd. The people left with a wonderful feeling and the feedback was in accordance with such.

Gal Mor
Human Resources
Previously Manager of Human Resources of Reshet

Plan of CEO of Start-up Company for Presentation to Investors

VCortex Ltd. develops control equipment to the printing market and is in the second round of investment. Till now, we performed our presentations without instruction or training, and we were relatively successful. As the CEO of the company and having wide experience in industry, I did not see the need to go back and practice a subject like launching with an instructor. The problem arose when we were required to present the company in a series of key presentations before investors. Here, concentration and simplicity of the message was required, as well as a convincing presentation in the shortest time. After one unsuccessful attempt, we understood that professional intervention was required here and we turned to Ofer Reshef for assistance. In my work with Ofer, he acted on two levels. The first was the content aspect: to make the message succinct and produce the most influential slides, which he carries out by combining business intuition and impressive ability to analyze the material in a short time. The second was the level of skill of the performance: how to present the information in the most effective and powerful manner. On both levels, Ofer’s assistance was significant. He made me better understand my target audience and what I was required to present to them, and in addition, how to do this in a smooth and clear manner, and as impressive as possible. Due to the pressure of time, the coaching was short, but the results showed very well already in the next round of presentations. The response of the investors – with one of whom the contact still continues – was not late in coming. To my surprise, not only these the tools and techniques serve me today in presentations, but also during negotiations or discussions, whenever the presentation of a convincing position is required. I feel that the training with Ofer Reshef indeed took me one step further in these skills.

With thanks,
Zeev Mairav
CEO, VCortex Ltd.

Presentation Workshop in the Track of the Entrepreneurs of Go-Million

I can recommend Ofer as a person with outstanding skills and deep knowledge of business presentation techniques and strategies. Ofer has an extensive experience, and his creative, innovative and open-minded approach could not be overestimated.

Dodger Margol CEO at

Preparation of Managers in a Start-Up Company for Presentation to Investors

As a start-up company, we found ourselves unprepared to present our company to potential investors. The presentation was a significant part of the Due Diligence process and included three days in which each person introduced himself and the field and subject he dealt with. Each of the people is an expert in his area, but it was clear that substantial improvement was required in focusing on the relevant messages and the mode of presentation. We came to Ofer Reshef, whom we had not met before, with the aim that he would work individually with each of the people on the preparation and the delivery of a presentation and on a personal interview with the investors. The results of the preparation were excellent. The presentations and the messages were focused and displayed in a stimulating manner that raised interest. We felt a significant change in the presenters’ body language and their ability to deliver the material. Working with Ofer was pleasant, serious, and smoothly. All the participants indicated that they also gained from and enjoyed the process, and working with Ofer. We were personally happy with our choice of Ofer and will be pleased to work with him in the future.

Ilan Miron
Deputy General Manager for Development – Scientific Incentives

Sharon Shany
CEO, Scientific Incentives

Instruction and Workshops on Management Skills

Ofer is a brilliant lecturer and a skilled performer. He feels the audience, adapts to the situation and leads the participants through an interesting and exciting route that opens their minds and understanding of the managerial issues. I heartily recommend him as a lecturer and as a mentor on the managerial issues.

Motke Baron
CEO, Anti Riddle

Interpersonal Communication Workshop – Administrative Staff of Egged, Northern Area

Dear Ofer,
On behalf of all the administrative staff of Egged in the Northern area who participated in the service day meeting that took place at Hof Hatamarim on 23.6.10, I wish to express my admiration and thanks. The objective of the meeting under your guidance was the continuation of the first part of the day with the drivers. It was meant to emphasize importance of improving the level of interpersonal communications with the people with whom we work to the administrative employees. There is not doubt that you succeeded in sweeping us all away to fascinating attention that to our regret was stopped due to the schedule dictated to us. The reactions from those present were most positive and all of us, without exception, feel that this meeting was a much welcomed and effective activity that needs to be continued and there is anticipation for the next ones. We, therefore, contacted the district manager with a request to continue these meetings under your guidance and indeed we were promised that the matter will be advanced. Again, on behalf of everyone, great thanks and appreciation for the amazing meeting and the amazing experience we went through. We hope to meet soon in additional meetings and promise to apply what we learned. Thank you very much and wish you a good day,

Harela Arman
Office Manager Northern area management

Service and Effective Communication Workshop

Instruction Manager

Re.: Workshop on the Topic of Service and Effective Communication On 11.12.07

The bookkeeping team underwent instruction on the subject of service and effective communication, under the instruction of Ofer Reshef. The objective of the workshop was to improve the level of service to internal and external customers and to improve the effectiveness of communication with them. The workshop included theoretical material on the subject of service: what is service, worldview of service, achieving customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, what the customer wants and what is quality service. In addition, the steps of service conversation, and the carrying out an effective meeting were described. The instruction was accompanied all along the way by simulation, demonstrating and emphasizing the study content and clarifying it. The instruction was wonderful and effective, and exactly met the requirements, uncertainties and daily confrontations of the team. Real tools and ways of action were given to improve communication effectiveness, and the team cooperated, was open, and ready to learn. The reactions of the team were most positive and immediate improvement and adoption of the tools acquired during the instruction can already be discerned. The team and I among them feel that such activity is welcomed and effective. So it demands continuity, and we are  anticipating of the next trainings. We would like to integrate the instruction program for the year 2008. I wish to thank you on behalf of the team and myself on the organization, the effort, and the great deal of thought that was devoted to this workshop and on the wonderful experience that we went through.

With best regards,
Mira, Manager of the Department

Workshops on Management Skills, Communication and Presentation

I observed several workshops run by Ofer Reshef on the subject of presentation and instruction combined with movies. Ofer demonstrates knowledge, extensive experience, professionalism and impressive stage presence in front of an audience, skill in instruction and engaging an audience through dialog and pleasant interaction with the participants. I learned, I was educated and I received private tools as a moderator at his workshops. As a result of the good impression I had from his instruction, I hired the services of Ofer Reshef as a consultant and instructor of workshops in several fields: teamwork, interpersonal communication inside the team and between teams, body language as a tool for providers of service in the area of security. I was very impressed by the service Ofer gave me and my customers from the beginning of the process, starting from his understanding of the needs of the organization, and his understanding of the internal organizational complexities, his creativity in finding an appropriate instructional solution, his submission of detailed and professional proposals of instruction, maintaining of schedules, flexibility and tolerance for changing requirements. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Ofer Reshef. Good Luck!

Nurit Bar
Manger and owner of “Flower of Life” company

Lecture – Activating Body Language Effectively When Appearing in front of an Audience

Mr. Ofer Reshef was invited by me to lecture to a group of ambassadors for distance learning in the National Insurance Institute on the subject of body language on 2/16/05. The objective of the lecture was to convey to the ambassadors the “secrets of body language” – how to use our body language as lecturers during the lecture and how “to read” the body language of the audience. The way to deliver the lecture was one of the factors of success within the group. Ofer serves as a live presentation throughout his lecture and illustrates the principles of the use of body language to his audience.

With best regards,
Carnit Shuvi
Field of Instruction/training and development – National Insurance

Skills of Effective Self-Presentation in Business

Dear Ofer,
I wish to thank you on behalf of myself and the rest of the members of yesterday’s evening group. You gave the lecture in a presenting manner from A to Z, as befits the subject of the lecture, including clothing, firm stance, hand movements, fluency of speech, and the point of the lecture, including oral presentation and tactical accessories. I learned a lot and, of course, enjoyed and also got the impression that these feelings were shared by the rest of the participants. I estimate that all the walls of the houses of the participants will start to listen to us in the coming days  as we shall practice, and as a result of this our performance will improve significantly in the 60 second presentations and other presentations, too. Wishing you success, and, of course, we will do our utmost for this.

With regards and thanks,
Roded Reisengold
Chairman, BNI Group

Business Development

Ofer has a wide knowledge and well established experience in the field of his expertise. In such a competitive environment, his contribution may be the difference between failure or success.

Etai Gilboa
Business Development Director at Haifa Life Science Park

Coaching of Managers in Presentation and Sales

Ofer trained us well, following his training our presentation skills improved tremendously. I believe the money was well spent and definitely worthwhile.

Yael Noga
VP Marketing

Instruction in Sales and Presentation

I know Ofer for almost 6 years. I recommend Ofer to any organization that wants to upgrade or stimulate a breakthrough in managers capabilities and especially in sales and presentation skills. Ofer is very professional and gives an added value in every interaction he organizes.

Yoram Raviv
Owner, Y Raviv Strategy implementation