Coaching in Sales


Managers and employees request to receive personal coaching in sales skills. This is for several key reasons:

  • The trainee wishes to train alone and not in a group due to his position in the organization.
  • The trainee wishes to train alone due to his difficulty in receiving group coaching.
  • The trainee requests to receive personal training outside the framework of the organization, in order to improve his chances for promotion.
  • The trainee receives personal coaching following his superiors’ recommendation.
  • The trainee is the owner of a business.


To provide, develop and improve the trainee’s high selling ability, to raise the number of closing sale transactions and increase the number of referrals from existing customers. Thus, leveraging his business results and his workplace.

Target Audience

  • High ranking managers.
  • Marketing and sales managers and personnel.
  • Managers and personnel delivering internal organizational sales presentations.
  • Entrepreneurs and developers of new businesses.
  • Service personnel.
  • Organizational training and development personnel.

Outputs and Benefits

The outputs proposed constitute an initial framework only and are dependent upon the performance of the comprehensive coaching. Upon the decision to perform the coaching, an additional preparatory conversation takes place to focus and adapt the contents of the coaching and the desired output.
At the end of the coaching, the trainee will know how to focus on customers in order to leverage his business results and to effectively carry out the sale process. In this framework, the trainee will master the following skills:

  • Mapping of the trainee’s customers and their buying motives.
  • To outline a marketing plan and sales plan, including objectives, purposes and measures.
  • Creating personal relationships with customers and retain customers over a long period.
  • Constantly identify requirements.
  • To present the product/idea while adapting the product to the customer’s requirements.
  • Gain knowledge in dealing with resistance, conducting negotiations, and closing a transaction in an effective manner.


The timeframe for the coaching is at least one hour and up to six hours and more, depending on the skills of the trainee, the level he aspires to reach, and his preparatory work prior to the meeting(s)

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