Personal Coaching


Numerous managers feel that they do not manage in an effective manner that achieves their personal and organizational goals and objectives. Managers request to receive personal coaching on effective management. This is for a number of central reasons:

  • The trainee requests to redefine his vision and objectives.
  • The trainee feels that he does not manage in an effective manner and feels frustration and lack of self-fulfillment.
  • The trainee fees that he has not fully mastered significant managerial skills.


Personal coaching is designed to increase the managerial effectiveness of the trainee, to promote his ability to achieve his personal and managerial objectives and to broaden his prospects for personal development and the possibilities of promotion.


The objective of personal coaching is to strengthen the capabilities of the trainees and improve their key skills, so that they will succeed in their roles. The personal coaching is offered as a comprehensive framework for improving management skills or as training for leveraging the success of the trainee in a specific skill.


The coaching combines conversations between the coach and the trainee, the transfer of knowledge and practice by simulations. In the course of the coaching, it is likely that a DVD camera will be used to photograph the exercises of the trainee and analyzed afterward. During the coaching and at the end, the trainee receives DVD discs containing photos of the exercises and the feedback provided on the exercise.

Target Audience

Managers interested in increasing, sharpening or redefining the values, vision and objectives that guide them in their work, to improve their managerial skills and the effectiveness of their management.

Outputs and Benefits

The outputs offered constitute an initial framework only and are dependent on the comprehensive coaching. Upon the decision to perform the coaching, an additional preparatory conversation takes place to focus and adapt the contents of the coaching and the desired output.
At the end of the coaching, the trainer will define his managerial perception, his vision and his objectives. He will improve his managing skills in the following subjects and as a result of such will broaden his self-fulfillment as a manager, the achievement of his objectives and his success in his work:

  • Knowledge of defining objectives, secondary objectives and personal objectives in his role as manager.
  • Knowledge in recognizing opportunities at his workplace in the areas of management, the existing organizational relationships and self-realization.
  • Building a work plan to cease the opportunities and work to achieve them.
  • Mastering central, managerial skills.
  • Knowledge to prepare a result-oriented work plan.
  • Knowing how to deliver an effective presentation.
  • Recognizing the tools for effective meeting management.
  • Knowledge of providing effective feedback.
  • Getting to know the tools of effective team management, motivation, and empowering employees.
  • Knowledge of allocating time and tasks effectively.
  • Knowledge of conducting negotiations effectively.
  • Knowledge of selling an idea, know-how or product effectively.
  • Knowing how to effectively utilize body language in various communicative situations.


The timeframe for the coaching is at least one hour and up to six hours and more, depending on the skills of the trainee, the level he aspires to reach, and his preparatory work prior to the meeting(s).

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