Effective Selling Skills

Background In the competitive business world, managers and sales people in different fields whether in the fields of high-tech or of industry and commerce, are required to activate various sales skills in order to sell knowledge, service or products. The activation of such expertise in an effective manner enables the closing of a greater number […]

Persuasion, Influence and Engagement

of Stakeholders in a Project For Project Managers Background Understanding the influence that stakeholders have on a project is an important element of project success. Whether they are the paying client, the end user, or the silent person in the background who has the power to pull strings, you need to know who your stakeholders […]

Presentation Skills

Background In today’s competitive business arena, managers, marketing and sales staff, as well as employees are required to deliver presentations to both external and internal clients. The ability to effectively deliver a message through presentation determines the end result: selling or not, receiving confirmation of a project or rejection, passing a decision or not, success […]

Leadership & Motivation

Background Leadership: “Motivating people to perform tasks, development and management of changes over time, while drawing upon means of motivation and without coercion” (Koter, 1990). Managers lead their employees under their authority as managers. There are managers who succeed in leading by virtue of their leadership. The question that arises is whether leadership is an innate […]

Body Language

Background Communication between people is carried out by both verbal and non-verbal means. Research shows that 90% of our message is composed of body language, eye contact, and the tone of our voice. Mastery of non-verbal language and body language enable us to deliver messages in a suitable and effective manner, and to interpret communicative situations beyond the […]

Effective Service

Background In today’s competitive business environment, where customers are well-informed on the one hand and, on the other, their requirements and lack of loyalty are high, it becomes crucial to provide effective service. In order to do this, there is need to adopt a service-oriented approach, to acquire skills in the provision of services and coping with […]

Negotiation Skills

Background Our effective Negotiations skills workshop is a critical phase in the success of an agreement, transaction, or cooperation between organizations, companies, and people. It is critical for the negotiator to have the ability to understand the needs of all parties involved. He also needs to be able to maximize the benefits for these parties in an atmosphere of cooperation. The skills of managing […]

Selling Skills

Background In today’s competitive business environment, managers and sales personnel in different industries, whether in high-tech, other industries, and commerce, are required to utilize various sales skills, in order to sell knowledge, service and/or products. Utilizing such expertise in an effective manner enables the closing of a greater number of transactions more quickly, the creation […]