Body Language


Communication between people is carried out by both verbal and non-verbal means. Research shows that 90% of our message is composed of body language, eye contact, and the tone of our voice. Mastery of non-verbal language and body language enable us to deliver messages in a suitable and effective manner, and to interpret communicative situations beyond the spoken. Body language is a key tool in achieving administrative and business results, and strengthening interpersonal relationships.


The objective of the body language workshop is to train to recognize and utilize non-verbal communication and body language in an effective manner.

Target Audience

All levels of management, as well as sales and service staff, instruction and marketing personnel, and employees will improve their interpersonal communication, enhance their relationships and achieve better results in life.

Main Contents

  • “Do” and “Don’t do” while standing – posture and movement.
  • Sitting, positioning around the table, types of tables and chairs.
  • Effective use of hand movements.
  • Utilizing effective eye contact when communicating in front of a group or in meetings.
  • Effective use of voice and quality of speech.
  • Competing messages and instruction on how to avoid them.
  • The effective handshake.
  • The territorial space.
  • “Positive” and “negative” signs in non-verbal communication.


Lecture: 1-3 hours.
Workshop: 6 up to 12 hours.

The body language workshop is often part of the Executive Development program.

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