Effective Selling Skills


In the competitive business world, managers and sales people in different fields whether in the fields of high-tech or of industry and commerce, are required to activate various sales skills in order to sell knowledge, service or products. The activation of such expertise in an effective manner enables the closing of a greater number of transactions more quickly, the creation of close, long standing customer relationships and increased profits with lower resources. Acquisition of such skills is achieved thanks to ongoing experience and also as a result of the training and personal targeted guidance of the sales people.


To provide, improve and develop in each participant a high selling ability, to raise the number of closing sale transactions while negotiating effectively.

Benefits from the Workshop

  • Improvement of organizational business results
  • Expanding the sales volume of the sales people.
  • Increasing the customers’ loyalty.
  • Expanding the number of new customers.
  • Higher positioning of the company and its products.
  • Reduction of the scope and intensity of opposition during the sale.
  • Saving time and administrative and personal energy in the sales process.
  • Reducing erosion and increasing the motivation of the sales people.

Main contents

  • Focusing on the customer’s needs – attitudes and perceptions.
  • Stages of selling meeting
  • Opening the meeting, connecting with the customer.
  • Identifying and clarifying customer’s needs.
  • Presenting the solution/Product and benefits to customer.
  • Effective Body Language in persuasion, influence and sales.
  • Avoiding and handling objections.
  • Closing the sale.

Target audience

Sales managers and personnel, owners of businesses, selling to customers throughout the world, external and internal customers of the organization.

In order to enable practice of most of the participants and high involvement of all the participants during studying, it is recommended to limit attendance to 12 participants.



The instruction integrates the transfer of frontal knowledge with plenary discussion and practice by simulations of situations of sales with customers. The simulations are taken from the ongoing work of the participants. Preparatory work is performed in order to adapt the study to the profile and requirements of the participants. Emphasis is placed on experience, providing practical tactics and tools, practice and high involvement of all the participants throughout the entire study. Feedback is given to each participant immediately after the end of the simulation by the instructor and the group.



The instruction is built from a number of modules, whereby each module covers a topic. The program can be conveyed in a number of measures:

  • Half-day instruction of 4-5 hours. In this framework, the entire material is transferred without deeply scrutinizing the subject: effective body language in sales, negotiation and only a sample exercise is performed on conditions of sale.
  • One-day instruction of 8 hours. There is an addition of exercises in the framework of half a day of instruction.
  • Two days workshop of 8 hours a day. In this framework, there is deepening of the study material and thus a larger number of exercises and simulations and a deeper analysis of the business environment of the sales people.
  • Three days workshop of eight hours a day. In this framework, there is an addition of study material on the subject of negotiations, the telephone sale and receiving referrals.




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