Leadership & Motivation


Leadership: “Motivating people to perform tasks, development and management of changes over time, while drawing upon means of motivation and without coercion” (Koter, 1990). Managers lead their employees under their authority as managers. There are managers who succeed in leading by virtue of their leadership. The question that arises is whether leadership is an innate or acquired quality. The accumulative experience in organizations shows that the answer is: “both of them”. The ability to evolve is a key leadership quality, as well as to enhance both personal achievements and those of the organization, resulting in increased number of transactions and the employees he is in charge of. Top leadership is also measured by the levels of cooperation, the commitment to the workplace, and enjoyment of his subordinates.


The objective of the workshop is to provide and improve the leadership skills of every participant, in order that he will be able to lead his employees towards excellent business results, and to enhance the relationship between him and his employees.

Target Audience

The leadership workshop is designated for managers and team leaders. The workshop contents are suitable for people with diverse managerial experience, who are interested in improving their personal skills in leadership, management and the motivation of their employees.

Main Contents

  • On leadership and management and what is between them.
  • Causes of motivating and motivation.
  • Leadership according to the full range model.
  • Practical tools for developing leadership.
  • Analysis of participants’ leadership style.
  • Exercises and simulations.


Lecture of 1-2 hours.

Workshop: 8-12 hours.
The leadership workshop is usually part of the Executive Development program

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