Negotiation Skills


Our effective Negotiations skills workshop is a critical phase in the success of an agreement, transaction, or cooperation between organizations, companies, and people.

It is critical for the negotiator to have the ability to understand the needs of all parties involved. He also needs to be able to maximize the benefits for these parties in an atmosphere of cooperation.

The skills of managing effective negotiations are an acquired expertise and this workshop’s objective is to assist you in acquiring such prowess.


The objective of the Effective Negotiations skills workshop is to provide, develop, and improve the awareness of every participant to the tools required to be an effective negotiator. They will then easily recognize what is needed to be done, in order to achieve the optimal results under the best conditions for all the parties involved.

Target Audience

The Effective Negotiations skills workshop is intended for anyone who is required to negotiate with suppliers or customers inside or outside the organization. The contents of this workshop are suitable for people with experience in conducting negotiations at different levels, and who are interested in improving their personal skills and obtaining solutions and tools for different situations that could arise during the negotiations.

Main contents

  • What is negotiation and what can be negotiated?
  • Understanding the correct definition of negotiation and its objectives.
  • What lies between strategy and technique in effective negotiation?
  • 5 stages of successful management of negotiations – how to plan and manage each stage.
  • Negotiation tactics in the opening, middle, and concluding stages.
  • Simulation of real life negotiation situations.
  • Exercises and simulations



Lecture: 1-2 hours.
Workshop: 8-16 hours.
Topics in the negotiation workshop can be integrated into the sales workshop.

Negotiations skills workshop is often part of the Executive Development program.

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