Persuasion, Influence and Engagement

of Stakeholders in a Project For Project Managers


Understanding the influence that stakeholders have on a project is an important element of project success. Whether they are the paying client, the end user, or the silent person in the background who has the power to pull strings, you need to know who your stakeholders are and get them on your side.

Legitimate stakeholders need to be identified and their power and influence understood, so that their potential impact on the project can be better managed.

When a project manager understands a stakeholder’s influence, he can then apply strategies to maximize the positive impact and/or minimize the negative impacts.  Stakeholder analysis is a very proactive approach to project success. Effective leaders understand this dynamic and use it to their advantage.

In this workshop’s session, the participants will learn to use this advantage in their projects. You will know what stakeholder management is about. By the end of this session, the participants will be able to identify key stakeholders in a project, learn how to prioritize your stakeholders’ influence, understand the basics of stakeholder engagement, and how to win support for your project.



  • Acquiring skills of persuasion, influence, engaging and effective communication.


  • The guides will have the knowledge and confidence to communicate effectively with stakeholders and colleagues at every communication point.
  • There will be a common language among colleagues in the organization that will crystallize and assimilate when reused all the time.
  • Projects will end up with a higher success rate and thus costs will be reduced in the long run.
  • The mentors will acquire reliability and trustworthiness when they know how to communicate more effectively with the right people, while reducing costs resulting from glitches, mistakes and misunderstandings between various factors related to the project and work processes.
  • Guides will have a better ability to deal effectively with ongoing problems, resolve conflicts, and delegate authority effectively.
  • This process will lead to comprehensive collaboration that takes place throughout the organization in a better and more effective way, which will have a positive effect on the culture of the entire organization.


Target Audience

Project managers from various areas of expertise, with different experience, and various types and sizes of organizations. 


Main Contents

  • Identifying, analyzing, and outlining a communication management plan with stakeholders.
  • Introduction to Influencing: asking questions & Listening, Identifying and clarifying stakeholder needs.
  • Communicating and influencing effectively. 
  • Effective body language in persuasion, influence, and engaging other people (also on Zoom meetings).



This training comprises several modules, each covering a different subject. The recommended program is based on two training days, each lasting 8 hours. However, the number of sessions can be adapted to suit different timeframes.

If the workshop is facelifted by Zoom, the recommendation is to divide the workshop into several parts of maximum 3 hours with 1-2 breaks of 10-15 min.

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