Selling Skills


In today’s competitive business environment, managers and sales personnel in different industries, whether in high-tech, other industries, and commerce, are required to utilize various sales skills, in order to sell knowledge, service and/or products. Utilizing such expertise in an effective manner enables the closing of a greater number of transactions more quickly, the creation of close, long term customer relationships and an increase in profits with fewer resources. Acquisition of such skills is achieved through ongoing experience and also as a result of instruction, sales workshop, coaching and personal targeted guidance to the sales personnel.


The objective of the sales workshop is to provide, improve, develop a high selling ability of each participant, to raise the number of closing sale transactions whilst managing effective negotiations.


  • Improvement of organizational business results
  • Expanding the overall volume of sales generated by the sales team.
  • Increasing customer loyalty.
  • Reducing the amount and intensity of resistance during the sale.
  • Saving time, administration, and personal energy in the sales process.
  • Reducing burnout and increasing the motivation and morale of the sales staff.

Target Audience

The Selling Skills workshop is specifically designed for sales managers and personnel, and owners of businesses who are selling to customers in Israel and worlwide, both to external and internal customers of the organization.

Main Contents

  • Perspectives in sales.
  • Stages of the effective selling meeting.
  • Entering the sale: the “Connect” stage and the “Listen” stage.
  • Presenting the product and the benefit to the customer.
  • Effective body language in sales.
  • The “Closure” stage.
  • Negotiating.
  • Managing resistance
  • Closing the deal.
  • Selling conversation by telephone.
  • Receipt of referrals.


Lecture of 1-4 hours. Workshop: 8 up to 24 hours.

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